Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not Your Typical Pastor's Wife

This is my friend, Ann. Ann is a special person to me because she has been my partner for three years during one of the most adventurous times of my life.

And I do mean adventurous.

I have not known Ann very long, we don't really go way back at all. And yet it is hard for me to believe this because we have been through so much together. God planned for us to be friends and for us to serve a greater purpose together than apart. He created MomSpace through us and I cannot be the same because of it.

Our partnership is drawing to a close in the next couple of months and I am rejoicing for the next stage in my life, and yet nostalgic for all that will not be anymore. The multitude of phone calls, the millions of emails, the food delegation, the agonizing decisions, the detailed planning, the unbridled laughter, and the pure joy to serve others and see it make a difference in their lives. It will all be over.

Where does this leave my friend Ann and I?

Well, as far as I am concerned, she is a part of my heart. She is a part of my story, one that my Father is still telling. I know she will continue to be a main character, an essential sister no matter what the future holds for us both. We have a few things up our sleeves and I am thankful for the chance to continue to work alongside this passionate, godly, incredibly talented woman.


Ann said...

Wow, thank you so much Heather! But let's be honest. You're the brains behind MomSpace. You gave me the courage to go on this adventure with you and I thank God so much that he ordained our friendship. I couldn't have even dreamed of a better ministry partner. You are everything I"m not - organized, efficient, laser-focused, determined, detailed yet big picture at the same time - and God brought you to me as the perfect balance and calm for my craziness. Thank you friend. I have enjoyed myself thoroughly and I am also sad to not have this thing that we will constantly be talking about and cackling about. :) But I'm not so sure you're rid of me yet since we have that project in the works!!!

I wish I had a blog so I can post on you. You're the best! Really truly the best.

the domestic fringe said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post. I actually followed the link from your comment on Cjane. I read her blog too, but like you, I am not a morning. I also share your faith. I thought your comment on Cjane's blog was just perfect.

pollydove said...

Hi Heather. Wow, I have never done this, but felt compelled to leave a comment after reading yours over on cjane's blog. I think the thing that people maybe don't "get" about Mormonism is that we do believe SO many of the same things that you do.

You wrote:

"I know that Jesus Christ is the risen Son of God who died on the cross for all of my sins and there is no one besides Him. I believe the Bible is the holy, inspired Word of God and there is no other. I don't know everything there is to know about Mormonism, but I know that unless we personally accept Jesus Christ as our only hope of salvation there is no entrance into heaven."

We believe all of that too - we just also believe there is more.

We do believe the bible to be the word of God, we just also believe that there is another testament of Jesus Christ and that is the Book of Mormon, which was also written by prophets of old who testify of the Savior, our redeemer, the only begotten Son of God - who is Jesus Christ. It goes hand in hand with the bible. (Joseph Smith was translator of those ancient writings.)

We also believe that Christ still wants to communicate and counsel his believers here on earth (just as he did in ancient times) and he does that through a prophet (just as he did in ancient times). What we believe, as Mormons, is that the prophet on the earth today is the head of the Mormon church. The men that Jesus chose as his disciples then, were very special men, but they were just men. We believe our prophet today is a very special man, but is just a man, trying to do his best to guide the members of the church to come unto Christ, to be more like Him, to follow his example and to one day "Come unto Him," and live with Him in heaven.

Your testimony of your beliefs was beautiful ... and is very similar to mine!

All the best - Polly