Monday, March 14, 2011

Fretzes Got Talent?

Brennen is watching a show right now and it is telling the kids that everyone has a talent. Brennen informed me that his talent is skateboarding and scooter riding.

I agreed with him.

Then he asked me, "Mama, what is your talent?


He then said, "Oh, wait! You don't have a talent, do you?"
I said, "Yes, sir, I most certainly do, thankyouverymuch!"

So then he waited for my answer.

And do you know that I cannot think of a THING???
I am not artistic, I am not creative. I do not have mad sports skillz. I am not a good cook, and I am lame at doing my own hair. I cannot sing nor play an instrument.

I honestly could not think of an answer for him. The lame-o thing I finally told him is that I take good care of babies. (I only thought of that cause I have Reagan today.) I thought about saying that I am good at organizing, but I didn't want him to think he has a TOTALLY LAME mom.

I am going to have to think about this concept some more.


*emmy said...

Oh girl let me tell you what your talent is then. You are the best game board player EVER, girl you ALWAYS WIN!
you are smart, you are wise! Your a great encourager and give everyone the best advice! You are always so calm and collected, you never break a sweat or at least don't show it. Your so darn funny!! Your the baby whisperer.....shhhhh. Girl you got talent ; ) .

*emmy said...

Oh and your so darn good finding your way through a computer! I'm still trying to figure out how to find a cute lay out for my blog! Your blog looks great, I'm still trying to learn my way around mine, I want to start blogging again so I better figure things out soon.

Cathy said...

Hi, I am coming over from cjane. just want to thank you for sharing the TRUTH. cjane is very talented and a great actress (I do believe she is very sincere too, really) but, she is so very wrong and you were so very strong to share! Jesus is God, not my brother! He is LORD, not anything less. Thanks again, in Christ, Cathy