Monday, March 7, 2011


I have a sickness...

My house haunts me. I don't feel restful in this place very often. I usually feel overwhelmed and my mind races with all the things that could be cleaned or organized.
If I am watching TV in the living room, I notice how dusty it is. And how dusty the shelves are. And that the couches could be vacuumed from all of the crumbs my kids leave behind.
If I am taking a shower, I dream about tearing out the whole thing and putting in nice travertine and a new non-moldy tub with new shower doors without mildew on them.
If I am cooking in the kitchen, I avoid looking at the stove top that needs new burner covers, I notice my cluttered and messy pantry shelves, and the tile floor screams at me to wash it.


Why do I never feel like it is enough? Why am I never happy with my house?

It just never, never ends. I have a hard time putting my heart and soul into a cleaning day, only to have it last for a day and a half. Right?
There has to be a happy medium. I know I have to let stuff go, and BELIEVE ME, I have since having kids, but I want to feel restful in a clean space because it makes me good.

Ugh. I better go, the list is calling me.


*emmy said...

This could of so easily been my blog. Ugh, I hear ya my I must have clean the house obesed sista!

the domestic fringe said...

I know how you feel. I feel that way often. We've live in our house for almost two years and it's been 'under construction' for all those days. Every single room has projects that are not complete. It can drive me batty if I let it. My house is also never clean. I clean - yes. I do laundry - yes. It's just never, ever perfect. I guess it's probably a reflection of me in a way, although that thought just popped into my mind.

Happy list making. Happy cleaning. Happier weekend!