Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're still here!

This blogging thing doesn't come naturally.  
I forget that I have this space, I mostly use this page as a bookmark for reading all of the blogs I follow.
They are WAY more interesting than I am.

But I do want to write our story too.  We can be interesting sometimes.

Like, how Olivia passed her hardest 3rd grade multiplication test EVER today.  We all felt so accomplished, it was a family effort and she was so very proud of herself.

And how I told Brennen today that I was proud of how he thought about Jesus a lot in our daily lives and he told me, How can I not?  Every time I look at fire and lava, I think of how Jesus had pain for us.  And every time I look at rocks and stones, I think of how Jesus came out of the grave when His stone rolled away. I just think about Him, Mama.


Don't be fooled. We also have lots of drama (a.k.a. earring changes, loose teeth, long division, "accidental" punches).

So, I guess we can be interesting if we need to be.