Thursday, October 13, 2011


Lately I am frazzled....

1. Brennen's 6th birthday is one week from today and I am planning an Angry Birds party for him at our house. Since this is not a theme that I can just pick up at Party City, I am having to do endless research on the internet and Pinterest to find stuff I can make to decorate with. Fun and not fun at the same time.

2. Nate just returned last night from a 10 day business trip. I was just about sure that I didn't want to do this anymore when he came home. It is so exhausting to be the only one to deal with the kids and all their "stuff" everyday. Glad he is home.

3. Parent conferences were today. I have been stressing about how Liv is doing in school and we have been fighting a lot over homework lately, so I was sort of nervous about the conference, but her teacher says she is doing fine. So hard to know the right balance of pushing your kids to do their best without making them feel like they have to be perfect or they are not good enough. Right now Olivia is feeling like she is not good enough and it hurts.

4. Awanas is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is one of the most important things we have the kids do. It is valuable for them to learn more about God and His Word and for them to memorize Scripture. On the other hand, it is a battle to get the kids to practice their verses throughout the week and not the day of. They are just not interested and it makes me upset that they aren't "hiding it in their heart", but only saying it to pass. I know His Word doesn't come back void and every little bit helps, but I wish they were eager to learn it.

5. I have SO MANY birthdays to think about and gifts to buy. October is like a mini-Christmas holiday in our family, there are that many birthdays. Want to get really fun gifts for kids and really thoughtful gifts for the adults and I am just thinking too hard! I have limited funds and want to get THE BEST gift possible for the money and it's a lot sometimes.

6. We are getting new carpet downstairs and I am so thrilled. I was really looking forward to having it by Brennen's party, but that might not happen. First bummer. Then the lady told me that at least we will have time to work on our baseboards. Huh? Now I have to worry about fitting that in? Sheesh.

7. Doing a really intense bible study and it is getting under my skin. Thinking about it a lot and evaluating my thoughts regularly. Good and tiring too.

8. I will be 34 soon. Sigh.

9. My kids will be 6 and 9 soon. Sigh.

10. I really have nothing to complain about because God has blessed me beyond measure with a loving husband, healthy kids, and everything we need. Tomorrow is a brand new day.