Monday, April 9, 2012


This year on Spring Break we got Legoland passes. Nate and I had a talk with the kids about how they REALLY would love Disneyland passes, but HELLO they are too expensive. So, we all decided to save our money and we would get Legoland passes for the year for half the price. When the day finally arrived, Liv and Bren had each saved up $70 of their own money to contribute. We almost felt bad taking it from them, but they were happy to hand it over, glad to do their part. We felt like this was an important life lesson for them to learn that fun things sometimes come at a sacrifice and also that they are each a contributing part of our little family.
Right now, Brennen is obsessed with all things Star Wars, so lucky for him it is Star Wars days there. He was so excited to see all the characters made out of Legos.

Nate sort of enjoyed himself too...

Stay tuned for many more Legoland adventures!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

93 and counting...

I'm thankful she is still here.
I'm thankful my kids will remember her.
I'm thankful for the part she has played in my whole life.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Liv at 9

Two weeks ago, Olivia got her ears pierced. I can hardly believe I can write those words. Our very tomboyish daughter has been growing up a lot lately and is starting to see some benefits to being born a girl. That's not to say that she likes dresses now, or obsesses over her hair by any means, but she did express a desire out of the blue to get her ears pierced. Nate and I were so pleasantly surprised by this change of heart that we didn't hesitate to give her permission. What really touched our hearts was how we asked her about why she wanted to get earrings and she said, Well, I know that God made me a girl and He wants me to be a girl and I don't have to be super girly, but I want to be how He made me.

I love this girl.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nolan and Kenna

How cute are these two?

It's hard enough to wrap my mind around the fact that my own kids are growing up before my eyes, but these little ones are supposed to stay little! Lately, I am finding that this nephew and niece of mine are becoming real people. Shocker, I know.

Nolan is the smartest 4 year old mathematician I know and can add numbers in his head and really knows the clock! He is becoming quite the baseball player, hitting the ball WITHOUT the tee. Do you die?

Kenna Lulu is as sweet as pie and as girly as they get! She just got her ears pierced and they look adorable on her tiny earlobes. She LOVES all kinds of treats and dessert, a girl after Olivia's heart. She is a real gymnast and just learned how to do a backwards somersault!

I love these munchkins so much and am so thankful I get to be a part of their everyday life.