Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oscar Night

My friend, Heather, and I were talking excitedly about how we were going to watch the Oscars and oh, we should get together and watch it, and oh, she and her girls have always wanted to dress up really fancy for it, and oh, hey, why don't we do that??? Our girls, Emilee, Sabrina, and Olivia got really into it and of course the mamas had to be supportive! We even had Ryan Seacrest show up and a guest appearance by Justin Timberlake.

Here is Ryan Seacrest and little Justin together.

We could not believe how old Olivia looked with makeup on! She had to be coaxed into dressing up at first, but when she decided to do it, she really got into it and looked like a model!

Don't worry, it's still her... see the sports tattoos?