Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random thoughts

1. The blogosphere is really big. There are a lot of different people out there. And some that are just like you, only far away. I'm digging it.

2. We leave for Newport Beach tomorrow. We are only going for one night, but at least we are getting a change of scenery! The kids are so excited and I am glad they will get some of our undivided attention.

3. Olivia asked me last night if I miss having my mommy tuck me into bed. I said, Well, it's been a long time and I don't really think about it very much anymore. She said, I hope I never forget how it feels! Sigh. How can one child cause so much distress and so much adoration within my soul?

4. Brennen scored the first goal of his first soccer game of the season today. He was pretty proud.

5. I'm reading a new fiction novel this week and it is set in Scotland. That means that all of my inner thoughts lately are with a Scottish accent. Is that weird?

6. I had a deep discussion with my sister in law about my flaws. About how I have a hard time admitting them and how I have a hard time identifying them in the moment. Like, she will ask, What are some of your flaws? And I look like an arrogant brat, but I really have to think hard about it, NOT because I don't think I have any, but because I want to give her a really good one, you know? Not just, Oh, I yell at my kids sometimes (which I do) or I could be more loving with my husband (which I could). But something really good...
Like, I am no different from a heroine addict.
Serious. This is what we talked about.
Ask me sometime about that parallel.

7. While I have you here, I'm going to ask you to pray for Reagan's second vocal cord to move. I am forever grateful that the first one is functioning, but I want more. I want the second one to not be paralyzed, I want her to fully breathe easily, and I want her whole voice.
K? Thanks a bunch.


the domestic fringe said...

Prayers for your daughter! Enjoy your time away with your family.

pollydove said...

This is a great post! Love "random thoughts" ... my thoughts are often rather random! :)

(I just noticed your comment on my blog and want to respond when I have more time. I think I'll email you.)

Have fun on your trip!