Monday, April 9, 2012


This year on Spring Break we got Legoland passes. Nate and I had a talk with the kids about how they REALLY would love Disneyland passes, but HELLO they are too expensive. So, we all decided to save our money and we would get Legoland passes for the year for half the price. When the day finally arrived, Liv and Bren had each saved up $70 of their own money to contribute. We almost felt bad taking it from them, but they were happy to hand it over, glad to do their part. We felt like this was an important life lesson for them to learn that fun things sometimes come at a sacrifice and also that they are each a contributing part of our little family.
Right now, Brennen is obsessed with all things Star Wars, so lucky for him it is Star Wars days there. He was so excited to see all the characters made out of Legos.

Nate sort of enjoyed himself too...

Stay tuned for many more Legoland adventures!

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