Monday, April 2, 2012

Liv at 9

Two weeks ago, Olivia got her ears pierced. I can hardly believe I can write those words. Our very tomboyish daughter has been growing up a lot lately and is starting to see some benefits to being born a girl. That's not to say that she likes dresses now, or obsesses over her hair by any means, but she did express a desire out of the blue to get her ears pierced. Nate and I were so pleasantly surprised by this change of heart that we didn't hesitate to give her permission. What really touched our hearts was how we asked her about why she wanted to get earrings and she said, Well, I know that God made me a girl and He wants me to be a girl and I don't have to be super girly, but I want to be how He made me.

I love this girl.

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