Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

Here is a shot of us on Easter at my mom's house. Aren't the kids so large? How can I possibly have children that old? Sometimes I feel like I should still be the mom of a baby and toddler because it has just all gone so fast. Other times I feel so far down the path, no where in the vicinity of babyhood. That stage seems distant and I worry that I can hardly remember my kid's faces as babies. Is that bad? Thank God for photos and videos!

Easter was a happy occasion and fun was had by all. There was an egg hunt (indoors, since it rained that morning), a cross craft, and TONS of delicious brunch food. I like knowing that our kids understand why we celebrate certain holidays, it all feels so much more meaningful. But they sure do love a pink plastic egg filled with money!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

We still have a baby and toddler. Some days I dream of having being done with that stage. BUT, I hear it goes by quickly. You're kids are still adorable, even in their slightly older years. :)

Ameena said...

Your family is gorgeous! You look amazingly young to have such big kids!!

I totally agree that sometimes the baby years seem SO far away. It's when I remember the incessant crying that I remember it wasn't too long ago! :)