Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Memorable Moment

It's 8pm at night, Brennen has been laying in bed already for a half an hour.

"Mama? Mama?"

"Yes, Bren?" coming down the hall

"I need a drink..."

(Got the drink, even though I know he's stalling.)

"Go to sleep, Bren."

5 minutes pass...

"Mama? MAMA?"

"What, Brennen?"

"I need a tissue!"

"Okay, here... Go to sleep Brennen!"

10 minutes pass... (Of course I think he's sleeping by now.)


"WHAT, BRENNEN NATHAN! No more talking!
I'm not getting you anything else! What IS it?"

"Can you wuv me just a tiny bit?"

Silent pause.... Guilt.... Adoration.... LOVE...


"Yes, Brennen, I will love you for a tiny bit."

So, I cuddle him and he falls asleep in one minute.
And I get one more undisturbed minute to stare at his three year old face.
I love him to the moon and back.


Cara said...

That is sooo precious.

jessica said...

HA...that was so cute. I totally get the tissue request as well. I seriously love those snuggle times and gazing into Kai's big doe eyes.

Lindsay said...

It's impossible to say no when they're just so stinking sweet!! :)