Wednesday, February 18, 2009

January trip to the mountains

This January we took a trip to the "snow" with our Grammy and Grampy, Nate's parents, and Scott and Lin. We also got to spend lots of fun time with Nolan and Kenna! Even though I was really hoping to find a big hill of snow for our kids to sled down, there was hardly any snow and it just rained most of the time we were there. We did manage to find a small patch of icy snow a little distance from our cabin, so that's where these pictures came from.

Olivia LOVED the snow, of course. If she could have buried herself in it, she would have. Liv is always adventurous and unconcerned for how dirty her clothes are getting. But she sure does have fun with whatever she is doing... like making the world's smallest snowman!

Brennen on the other hand hates things out of order, is unnervingly clean, and just isn't that adventurous right off the bat. He was unsure of the snow and downright perturbed about his freezing cold feet. He only sat on the sled to be pulled by Nate for a minute, then HAD to go back to warm up his feet. Fun.

This is a video of Nolan's first sled ride and it didn't go so well... (sorry it's sideways!)

Overall, we had tons of fun playing dominoes, eating constantly at the camp's cafeteria, and just hanging out with our family. And hopefully Nolan won't hate snow from now on!


Thany said...

Oh Heather, your family is so so very beautiful!!

Lucy and Nate are the same way as Brennan and Olivia. Lucy is ready for it all, the sledding, the snow, the snow CLOTHES. But Nate can't handle the cold and usually ends every snow trip crying.

Lindsay said...

I love Olivia's tiny snowman...too funny!
Poor little Nolan's sled ride!
Looks like you had's always nice to get away!