Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camping trip

I know... I know. I hate camping. And yes, I pretty much still do, but we decided it was time to do it for the kids. I have to say that for the amount of preparation and packing it took to go for two nights, I still don't think it is worth it, BUT the kids had a really good time and will probably remember our time together positively. At least I hope they do.

We went to Green Valley Falls in the Cuyamaca Mountains and jumped off rocks into freezing cold mountain water.

Nate tried jumping first and gave the go ahead for Olivia. She was brave and jumped too, but Bubby was still not ready for such extreme adventures.
Brennen is 5 and just so cute. He is pretty serious most of the time, but outgrowing his grumpiness. He adores playing with his Sissy and has learned to swim so the summer has been a blast for him. I was glad for him to be away from all forms of technology for a bit. He is a techie like his mama.
Olivia is 8 and still full of spunk, but growing up in lots of ways. She is incredibly caring and just the best cousin anyone could have. She will try anything risky, but isn't too crazy. She liked camping the best out of all of us, always ready for an adventure.

This was home for the three days and the kids just loved going to bed in the tent. Brennen was obsessed with his flashlight and Olivia loved all the zippers in the tent. The flies were ridiculously obnoxious but we survived and I'm happy we went.

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the domestic fringe said...

My kids really want to go camping, but I've never been. Looks like you had a great place to camp. Swimming looked awesome.