Monday, January 3, 2011


It's getting late, so I'll just jot down a few things...

-Nate is in England right now. He will be gone for two weeks and that is the longest he has ever been away from us. Olivia is having a harder time than I thought, but she is the one who gets how long two weeks is.

-When he comes home he will work from home. Like in our bedroom. Yikes.

-Reagan is my highlight. My thoughts of her are not tinged with sadness or tragedy anymore. She is pure joy and she smells divine.

-Liv goes back to school tomorrow. I am glad for her to have something to entertain her all day, but she is losing her zeal for that place. She wishes she could still stay home, doesn't want to do all the work. She says that math is hard and she just writes and writes and writes all day. Sounds like I am going to hate high school. In happier news, she is 8 now and getting quite mature. Who knew?

-Brennen is getting old. He sounds more like a real person every day. His raspy, croaky voice just gives me a kick, I love it. It seems more hoarse this week for some reason. He is afraid of Home Alone, Tangled, and How to Train your Dragon. His greatest fears in life right now are (in no particular order) 1. balloons 2. fire 3. thunder and 4. getting his hair brushed. (I added the last one.)

-This is my first post of the new year and I want to say how much I want change. I want my body to change, I want my heart to change, I want to be a grown up. I want to learn from my mistakes, learn from other's mistakes, and not go in circles. I want to do so many things and not enough things. I am too much and not enough all at the same time. I want to see myself how God sees me this year, not how others see me. I want to be more aware of the things He wants to get rid of within me and embrace the things He is cultivating in me.

I hope He sees me 20 pounds lighter.

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