Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mac Daddy

Something life altering happened to me recently and you probably didn't even know.

Did you know I got a MacBook for Christmas?

YES... I... DID...

And now that I have it, I feel like I could be the most productive, creative, smart and organized person I know. I feel like anything I could possibly need is at my fingertips. The possibilities are endless and I just ache to pore over my Mac and pay attention to it.

I want to sort my iPhotos and make photo books. I want to upload memories to Shutterfly and Facebook in a single minute.

I want to download music on iTunes and upload it again to my iTouch, all in the blink of an eye.

I want to explore the App store, and make a home movie, input all of my contacts, and take funny pictures with the Photo Booth.

I want to read the book I got through my new Amazon app and learn how to play the new game I bought, Braid.

There is so much to do! So much to see!


I do have a DVR too.

Blasted DVR.

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