Friday, December 3, 2010

December Musings

Yesterday Brennen told me that his brain is working really well.
He can just "think of so many things and remember stuff and make good choices."
He also said, "My brain didn't work so good when I was 3... but it's working better now that I am 5!" Where does he come up with this??

As of about a week ago Brennen stopped calling Olivia "Sissy." He only says Liv now.
I really, really don't like it. I keep encouraging him to still call her Sissy, since he is the only one on earth who can, but he is feeling really grown up this month and doesn't like how it sounds.

Olivia lost another tooth on top today and now she has rabbit teeth. Only her HUGE front teeth show when she smiles. Just in time for Christmas pictures.

I babysat Reagan for the first time this week. Actually, Reagan and Avery. It was wonderful and tiring and fun and busy. Reagan was a good girl and smiled at me all day long. She smells so good and I love when she talks. She cried a little in the car and I smiled the whole way.

It is still new. I don't ever want this appreciation to go away. It is thrilling to hear her little voice and it is still just a miracle. All day I kept asking myself, Is this real? Am I really alone with Reagan? I just didn't think it was going to happen while she was a baby.

What a gift for Auntie.

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