Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Day After

Life is altogether different now.
Reagan's trach has been removed.
I cannot believe I can write that sentence!

What an absolute relief, such pressure mounting until this day.
I had hope that God would rescue her, but I wasn't sure it would be now.
The bawling that occurred when they told me the second cord was moving!
And then to know that the doctor took out the trach, a vote of confidence in our little munchkin.
I was so grateful and just enormously relieved.

It didn't end like a fairy tale, since the trach was then put back in because of her distress.
And it was a long, stressful day waiting to try again.
But try again they did and this time it worked!!!
I am still in a state of shock as I write these words. Can it be true?

Reagan is still in the hospital, struggling a little so they gave her steriods for her swelling.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be a new day for her, filled with lungs full of oxygen!

What can I say to God after all this? Thank you a million times over does not say it all.

Blessed be His name. He is my rock and fortress. He deserves the glory for this miracle in my family.

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