Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Sound of Music

I think one of my favorite sounds in the whole world is a laughing baby...

Even better is when it's one of my nieces.

Avery is 8 months now and really a lot of fun.

I've realized that I will do ANYTHING it takes to make a baby laugh. In this instance, I was barking like a dog and shaking my head making loose lips sounds. Silly, I know, but it worked!

Please excuse my appearance... it was morning.


The Druhe Fam said...

You are SO funny! That is adorable video...Avery is a DOLL!!!

jessica said...

Avery is not the only one having belly laughs. You are killin me...especially the part after the woof woof, when you do the lip thing. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!