Friday, March 13, 2009

Funny Words

I was walking through Walmart yesterday with Brennen in the cart and he saw something attractive over my shoulder. He bursted out urgently, "LOOK MAMA! Chucky Arms!"


It took me a minute, but then I remembered his version of the sugary cereal he's eaten only a handful of times. Lucky Charms. Right. Boy, that cereal has made a lasting impression on that kid. He acts like it's his long lost friend whenever he sees a box in the store.

This incident reminded me of all of the funny words my kids have said over the years.
Let me try to remember some of them:

Olivia: "Gack-a-mody" for guacamole
Olivia: "Buh-dult" for adult
Brennen: "Guh-mote" for remote
Olivia: "Thor head" for forehead
Brennen: "Woo-vie" for movie
Brennen: "High High Moosica" for High School Musical

Kids are always good for a laugh!


Cara said...

I was just remembering the other day what Bryce used to call Olivia, "Wordia." When he used to say it, I thought I would never ever forget it. And when I remembered it, I realized that I had completely forgotten about it. So sad!!!

jessica said...

Bet you can't beat "dam-cacker" for graham cracker.

Lindsay said...

"Chucky Arms"! I love it sooooo funny! Easton calls Sleeping Beauty, "Sleepin' Pooty."