Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Time!

This year, we had our family and friends over to celebrate the annual ritual of buying expensive bags of candy to give away to strangers, only to get back 1/8 of what we bought. Okay, that sounds too cynical. It was really fun and the kids had a blast. Olivia had a doozie of a time this year deciding what she wanted to dress up as. She wanted to be a pumpkin originally because Daddy calls her his "pumpkinhead," but we couldn't find a costume big enough. It seems that pumpkin costumes are only for babies. We racked our brains and scoured the stores to find something age appropriate and not too girly for Liv. We finally found a doctor costume at Target and she was sold. She started to call herself Dr. Oz, but it changed to Dr. Fretz eventually.

Brennen had a Buzz Lightyear costume that we purchased last year after Halloween and it still fit him. He really liked that the wings lit up.

We had little Avery and McKenna over for their first Halloween ever and the Nolan boy was a ferocious lion!

We had almost all of Liv and Brennen's friends there, except for Bryce, Ella, and Halle, of course. We played two games, a ring toss around the pumpkins on the lawn, and "make a mummy out of your daddy" with toilet paper. Noah-boy won that one! We then proceeded to trick-or-treat and the kids loved every minute of it. Brennen and Gavin giggled to one another after each house and Olivia flew as fast as she could to the next house. Overall, it was a happy Halloween experience and we have been eating one piece of candy a day ever since. (Well, maybe one of us is eating more than that, but who's counting?)


Lippen Family said...

Thanks for the shout out! We really missed seeing you guys.

Thany said...

Don't forget the Parent Tax on Halloween candy! :)

Sounds like a wonderful time. The kids look so grown up.

jessica said...

Heather, the pic of you holding Avery is gorgeous! I love your hair back like that. You are beautiful!