Friday, April 23, 2010


Does anyone else think this relationship is hard and easy all at the same time?

Olivia and Brennen are just about 3 years apart; Liv is 7, Brennen is 4. The older they get, the closer they become. They rarely play anything without the other one involved. If Liv wants to be in her room, Brennen follows. If Brennen wants to jump on the trampoline, he won't go until she's ready to come too. They want to watch a movie? Make sure they both agree. Trying to whip up a quick dinner? They must have EXACTLY the same thing. They BEG to sleep together on the weekends, they bring each other toys from a friend's birthday party, and they squeal in delight when they rent a new DS game they can link up to play at the same time. So all of this togetherness, you would think, would equal brotherly love, peace, and harmony, right?

No. Oh, no.

How the battles rage. She touched me too hard. He won't leave me alone. She took that away from me. He has more than I do. She's not being fair! He is bothering me! It goes on and on.
When I asked Olivia to apologize this week, she did and then Brennen said, Mama, Sissy didn't even MEAN it! She didn't say it like she MEANED it!

All this to say... I can't decide whether I am thrilled that they love each other so much, or irritated that they love each other TOO much.

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jessica said...

You described that beautifully. Totally get you and I am just so excited for the future of my tornadoes:/