Thursday, December 10, 2009


I don't know about you all, but my child has an obsession. With a shirt.
What? you ask. Why would a normal, healthy four-year-old have an obsession with a regular T-shirt?

Beats me.

All I know is that Brennen has asked to wear this shirt everyday since summertime when he received it as a gift from his friend, Gavin. It is his "Killer Dana" shirt, named for the surf shop in Dana Point where it was purchased. If it is clean, he chooses it from his closet over any other shirt. If it is dirty, he relentlessly asks when it will be clean again. I have asked him if it's the colors that he likes, or that Gavin got it for him, for the love of Pete, WHY do you love it so? I mean it's cool and all, but why the obsession?

"I like it."

Uh. Ok.


jessica said...

HAHAHA! So funny! Kai is the EXACT same way about his "flag" shirt. It's a shirt that says, "Oxford, England" on it and Sean got it for him when he was there. Sean has the same exact shirt and it is the ONLY shirt Kai will bust out when it's in his closet. It is now gettting small on him. Basically like a football half shirt if you get my drift.

jessica said...

Oh and it has a flag on it.

Heather G said...

Gotta love that Brennen...he's the best!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

What a cutie!!

Complicatedly Simply said...

Hahahaha, so cute!!