Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Time...

It is about that time to update you all on my fun-loving, cuter-than-buttons nieces and nephew.

First up, Kenna girl!
I mean, c'mon. Is she not adorable? Mckenna has turned one year old and she is a delight to me. She always has a smile on her face and she is super happy to see me anytime I come around and that makes me feel so great. She is the tiniest little bug, but she has a very large voice and I love her spunk. Her new word is "more" and she is loving all of the new food that being one gets you.

Next up, my Nollie boy!

Nolan is a hoot. He is two and totally obsessed with Thomas and Barney movies. He is talking so well and calls Brennen "Brennie" and Olivia "Libby." I am sad to report that my name, "HeHe" is slowly changing to "Auntie" or "Aunt Heather." Nolan is so much fun to play with. My favorite thing he does right now is report to me when he is going to time out. Funny kid.

Last, but not least... Avery Grace!

Here she is striking her pose and doing her latest trick (that I taught her). We ask her to "show her teeth" and this is the funny face we get every time! Avery is 15 months now and talking more and more. She is becoming very independent and loves playing with the big kids. She can do "crazy man" now and usually says "OOO!!!" when she is excited.
I love this group of kids and I am so glad they belong to me.


Lindsay said...

They are pretty darn cute!!
P.S. That's so sad that Nolan isn't saying "He-He." I hate when that happens! :(

Cara said...

So cute. But of course they are because they are related to you. Can you imagine how many will be on that list someday? Love Ya.