Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Tiny Tot

This week Brennen started a class at the rec center called Tiny Tots. He does not call it preschool, he calls it Tiny Tots because that is the real official title of it and Brennen likes to be precise. I have no idea where he gets that. It cracks us up that he insists on this title because he doesn't really get that this makes him sound small and well... tiny. Anytime I say that he is littler than someone or something, he barks, "I am NOT little! I'm big!" So this is why we laugh. With him, not at him, of course.

Bren has been loving his class and his teacher's name is Miss Cathy. He only goes twice a week and it is only for 1 1/2 hours, but it's an experience, right? (And guess what? Mommy gets to go to Target for one whole hour to browse by herself! It's bliss! ) It is a three year old class, so there are mostly kids in it who just turned 3. Brennen will be 4 in October, so the maturity level is vast, but he doesn't seem to notice and just thinks everyone talks out loud a lot and constantly tells him they are "Free!" holding up three tiny fingers.

Here is Brennen in action in his first classroom experience:

At the rec center

playing with jungle animals (the two in the background are twins!)

carpet time with Miss Cathy

tiny tables and tiny chairs

"I see the B for Brennen!"


Ami, Bob, and Jack said...

Hi Heather! So glad you found my blog, and now I've got yours, too! Oh, Brennan is so big-- where has the time gone?? I remember when he was born! XOXO

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

You get ALONE TIME!! So gloooorious! Be honest, that's what this blog as all about right ; ) ?