Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This week at MomSpace we had The One and Only Jana Alayra come to speak and do a concert for us. Needless to say, someone was a little star-struck:

Our evening concert was amazing and I wish I had lots of pictures for you to see, but my memory card was full, of course. Imagine hundreds of multi-colored balloons arched across the stage and all over the room, two hundred little dancing children in a mosh pit, and me singing my heart out to all of the great Jana songs I have come to love over the years. It was a blessing to work with Jana and her husband Ron all day and I encourage anyone to go to one of her concerts, she is a truly wonderful woman.


Brown-Eyed Girl said...

I would of loved to have been there with Alexis and Sophia. Sounds like you had so much fun!!

P.S I'm back from MEXICO CITY and I have a blog up. I'm quarantined!

Lindsay said...

Yes,Jana did rock! She was an awesome speaker and performer!