Saturday, December 13, 2008

We went to go visit the snow in Temecula last night. It was Brennen's first time touching the stuff and he loved it! Actually, he was hesitant at first because he is above all else cautious and leary of unknown substances, but once he built up the courage, he thought it was great fun. Olivia, of course, was trying to make snow angels out of two inch deep packed down icy snow and she was throwing it in the air to make it snow on her head. Outside of Pennypickle's Children's Museum they had snow pumped in the parking lot and the museum was open for our viewing pleasure. The kids had lots of fun and we got our Christmas card pictures out of it, so it was worth it for all of us!


The Druhe Fam said...

Darling photos! You have gorgeous kids :)

*emmy said...

How fun! The closet my girls got to snow this year was my refridgerator's freezer.